Coca Cola Defeated In NT Recycling Fight

Coca Cola Defeated

Environmentalists today welcomed the support of Premiers and assurances made by the Federal Government to the Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles to pass regulations so that the NT’s Cash for Containers scheme will continue.

“Today’s decision marks a turning point in the battle for a national 10cent deposit/refund scheme because it demonstrates bipartisan political support is possible; rejection of the feeble industry alternative of bins and litter advertising; and last but not least, that once introduced - container deposit schemes are incredibly popular with the community,” said Jeff Angel, National Convenor of the Boomerang Alliance of 27 groups.

On the same day a petition seeking a national container deposit scheme supported by 68,000 people was handed to the office of the NSW Premier.

“The NT Government is to be congratulated for standing up to Coke and defending a scheme that has doubled bottle and can recycling rates in just 12 months. Now that it is free from legal attack, the government, community and the recycling industry can focus on improving its efficiency and effectiveness.”

“Our message to the other states which are considering their own or a national deposit/refund program is – the community wants you to represent them, not Coca Cola. Ever since Coke (temporarily) won their court case, the company has become a political pariah and has been shown to engage in misinformation and bullying tactics. Australians don’t like their governments doing the bidding of such corporations and want real solutions to the 8 billion bottles and cans landfilled or littered every year,” Mr Angel said.

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