Manly 12th May Clean Up

Another example of how big things come from small actions. Thanks to Jenny and Gabrielle in Manly for making sure none of this single-use waste enters our ocean.

Come join us every week out on the sand, and send us your email address to receive updates on future activities. One group, one week at a time, we are making waves towards a more sustainable, waste-free future!


3 Month Celebration

Celebrating 3 and a half months of weekly cleanups of Manly Beach! No matter how many times we do it, there they are: the same bottles, cans, straws, and other disposable plastic packaging. While it's great to get this permanently off the beach, we need more forward-thinking legislation and responsible businesses to phase-out throwaway plastic items in favour of reusable alternatives.

Cities and countries around the world have already begun banning plastic bags and bottled water - what else do we need to legislate out of the waste stream? Where will be the next to do it?


Mother's Day Clean Up

Mothers Day Clean Up

Happy Mother (Earth)'s Day from Bondi Beach! It was so great to have the original crew - Dean, Tom and Justin - plus Lisa, Melissas, Luke, and a great team of people all on the beach today. We were also very excited to be joined by Duncan Ward, CEO of Classroom Of Hope and winner of this years Australian Unleashed 2013 Impact award for this work providing access to a quality education for poor and vulnerable children in the developing world.

Stop Coca-Cola Trashing Australia Ad Banned

Dead Bird Plastic Stomach
Should this video be banned? Have you heard that Channel 9 has banned Greenpeace Australia Pacific from airing a television ad in favour of a national 10c container deposit based on the claim that it might be offensive to some viewers?!? How is it that public advertising of alcohol, gambling, and sex is less offensive than a video exposing Coca-Cola Australia as one of the world's most flagrant litterers, going so far as to sue an Australian government to prevent effective recycling? Watch the video yourself and let us know what you think!

Balmoral Clean Up 5th May

Massive thanks to Mary and her crew who dealt with a very windy Sunday clean up at Balmoral, half the battle was stopping everything blowing away, and into the sea.

I guess that's where all of this haul would have ended up if the crew hadn't been there to harness it all and put it in it's rightful place... the bins and recycling (of which there are plenty on the promenade).

What they did salvage was mostly plastic bits, tissues, cigarette butts and filters, coffee cups, a toy race car and kid's clothes. Thanks again for cleaning up Balmoral guys!

Bondi Clean Up 5th May

A huge thanks to our Bondi volunteers for coming out in the chilly conditions this afternoon - but seriously, what better way is there to warm up than a nice fast walk or jog along Bondi Beach? The beach was pretty quiet this weekend on account of the weather, but the recent big swell has washed up plenty of marine debris and there is always plenty of craptastic plastic to grab from the sand (120 plastic bottle caps, 58 straws, 53 lollipop sticks) and unfortunately another 691 cigarette butts as well.

Bondi and Fremantle Sustainability Sister Cities?

Bondi Beach Freemantle

Responsible Runners' Justin Bonsey had the chance today to catch up with Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt, under whose leadership Fremantle Council has voted to ban single-use plastic shopping bags, which officially takes effect on 1 August. Many thanks to Brad, Fremantle Council and staff, and the proactive community efforts of Plastic Free Freo for making this happen, along with many other sustainability initiatives - they are setting the pace for a more sustainable future.

Balmoral Clean Up 27th April

There are so many faces in so many communities taking back their local environment to protect for future generations. The surf rake run by local councils is an acceptable interim solution for removing big items from the beach, but unfortunately it is not equipped to remove cigarette butts and small bits of plastic and styrofoam, and often does not sort out recyclables. The only way to do it is to keep waste off the beach in the first place, and mobilise amazing community teams like this one to get it off the sand for good. Do you have any idea for other solutions?

Manly Clean Up 27th April

The amazing women of RR Manly once again proving that even one or two people can make a tremendous impact. C'mon Manly, let's show come community spirit and get some folks out there to lend a hand every Sunday at 4PM, meeting at the Manly Surf Life Saving Club. No matter how much we get off the beach one day, there's always more to get the following week.

Thanks Olivia and crew for the fantastic effort. Pulse up, waste down for a cleaner planet!


Bondi Beach Clean Up 27th April

What a glorious Sunday on Bondi Beach to round out the summer, with thousands out enjoying our parks, beaches, and surf. Rarely do you get a day like this one, with so many shades of calm turquoise water. A big thanks to the awesome group of people who came out - and to Amy and the Sydney Morning Herald for including us in an upcoming story on micro-volunteerism. Our community of volunteers is what makes us who we are.