Mother's Day Clean Up - St Kilda

Our main man and woman in Melbourne, Chris and Kimberley, have been picking up the pace at St Kilda with a very impressive haul of butts and tiny plastic bits that will never kill another fish or bird again!

Once it enters the ocean, plastic photodegrades over time into smaller and smaller pieces, severely disrupting the marine food chain and turning the ocean into a vortex of waste.

Stop Coca-Cola Trashing Australia Ad Banned

Dead Bird Plastic Stomach
Should this video be banned? Have you heard that Channel 9 has banned Greenpeace Australia Pacific from airing a television ad in favour of a national 10c container deposit based on the claim that it might be offensive to some viewers?!? How is it that public advertising of alcohol, gambling, and sex is less offensive than a video exposing Coca-Cola Australia as one of the world's most flagrant litterers, going so far as to sue an Australian government to prevent effective recycling? Watch the video yourself and let us know what you think!

Tangaroa Blue

Responsible Runners are very proud to support Tangaroa Blue and the Australian Marine Debris Initiative, submitting data on all rubbish collected from each of our weekly cleanups.

The AMDI, co-ordinated by Tangaroa Blue, is an on-ground network of volunteers, communities, organisations and agencies around the country monitoring the impacts of marine debris along their stretch of coastline. It is also a very effective database for quantifying marine debris around Australia and tracing it to its source as a tool to combat waste.

Kicking the Can at Tamarama Gully

What a legendary team of people who came together today to haul over 1 tonne of rubbish from Tamarama Gully, including nearly 1,000 recyclable bottles and cans that would not have been there with a 10c deposit on drink containers.

Join the Kicking the Can campaign and TAKE ACTION to tell Australian politicians it's time for a 10c container deposit system for ALL Australia:

Men's Fitness Article

Responsible Runners Mens FItness Magazine

A recent article on Responsible Runners in Men's Fitness magazine, showing how easy it is to incorporate cleaning up in any of our daily activities. The best way to keep the beach and ocean clean, of course, is simply to BYO reusable bags, bottles, cups, and containers, cutting out waste before it begins.

Now with nearly 1,400 FB likes, RR groups are currently active every week in Bondi, Manly, Bronte, Coogee, and South Australia, with new groups soon launching in Balmoral, Newcastle, the Whitsundays, and WA. The momentum for a cleaner planet is growing fast - are you in?

Coca-Cola Northern Territory Lawsuit

Coca-Cola Lawsuit

BREAKING NEWS: Coca-Cola Australia have won their lawsuit against the Northern Territory to block a popular 10c deposit on bottles and cans proven for decades to increase recycling around the world. LIKE and SHARE if you think this is ridiculous!

It's a hollow victory however, as the NT government has already moved to reinstate the scheme via an agreement with all states and territories.

Responsible Runners Melbourne

Fun, fitness, new friends, and a healthy coastline - what better way to spend 30 minutes on a beautiful Sunday morning? While RR Sydney gets pelted with rain and wind, a warm sunny day is forecasted for tomorrow's launch of RR Melbourne at St Kilda Beach. Join the RR movement, meeting at Brooks Jetty, just down from St Kilda sea baths, every Sunday at 11AM. Please share widely with your Melbourne peeps and see you there!

Don't forget to send us your email address to receive updates on future events. Let's represent, Melbourne!!

Melbourne Clean Up

Responsible Runners Melbourne

Congratulations to Responsible Runners Melbourne on their inaugural cleanup run - goodonya!

John and his team covered a nice long stretch of St Kilda this morning while the rest of the city worked off a hangover, collecting an impressive 96 plastic bags, 81 cigarette butts, 32 aluminum cans, 29 glass bottles, 13 plastic drink bottles, and more. Join RR Melbourne every Sunday at 11AM to get in some morning exercise, meet cool people, and do a great turn for the Victorian coastline. Send us your email address to get updates on future RR Melbourne activities.